Family Courts and Abuse

Dear Family Courts,

Why don’t you help the children that need it the most? Why do you betray the most vulnerable? Why do you say you will help them and then rescind?

You acknowledge that the system needs reform, but what has been done to make this happen? A child was recently given custody of a his child that was a result of rapping a 12 year old girl. It was all documented, yet you still ordered this to an 8 year old. A judge later rescinded this order, but what about doing his job in the first place? 

Why do you hurt those who need the most help? Why do you abuse your power and then use time as an excuse? 

Take the time to know recognize those who need help. There is a reason that father or mother is overprotective. There is a reason that child refuses to see his mother or father. Take the time family courts and prevent these travesties. It starts with you protecting these children to have a better future for the world. 
#FamilyCourtChallenge #TakeTheTime. #ProtectOurChildren

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