I appreciate all of the attention and support the #metoo campaign has gotten and yes I am a me too as well, but what about the children that are affected by this?  These are the most vulnerable and most impressionable and the generation that can help change this.  We can raise awareness, but how do we stop it?  It starts with us and giving our children a voice.  It also starts in the schools and family court or really any powerhouse.  They tell us what we need to do whether it is ethical or on our best interest.  Think about that for a moment.  The courts tell me I have to force Landry to go against her will even though she says she isn’t safe. Even though she comes back with bruises on her arms and a black eye. The FDA tells us what drugs we can take when we are sick and what experiments can take place. The schools choose whether or not a child is being bullied and how they deal with it.

I am not saying that we need total anarchy, but this #metoo movement is much bigger than sexual assault and harassment. I am a survivor of horrible sexual assaults and am in no way downplaying that.  I have PTSD from repeated attacks by my ex-husband and the courts look the other way.  I know that feeling of being lost and hopelessness.  No human should feel that and I don’t wish that on my worst enemies, but what I am saying is that how many times is some “powerhouse” affecting our physical well being.  Think about the new cancer drug that the FDA doesn’t approve because of a side effect a patient is willing to risk.  The child who has taken their life because the school didn’t intervene from bullying.  The child who repeatedly gets abused because the court system fails them.  The women that has been sexually assaulted.  The man that has been sexually assaulted and no one believes him.  The list goes on and on, but what have we done to change it? We need to take movements even further and ask for a change and that our rights, our children’s rights are protected not the abusers and not the powerhouses. How many people lie that they have been bullied, prevented to take a potentially life saving drug or that they have been abused? #TakeAStand #Metoo

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