Words cannot express how I am feeling.
An elementary school child has told you that she was hurt by her father
The bruises on her eyes and arms and her words mean nothing to you
When is enough, enough?

My child is broken and you do nothing to help her
Because she did not look you in the eyes when she said her father gave her the black eye, you chose not to believe her.
When will a child’s voice be heard?

You are supposed to protect my child.
They say Child Protective Services is supposed to protect the innocent.
Why do you chose not to listen to my child?
She told you that she got a black eye from her father
You chose not to believe her because she did not look you in the eye.
When is enough, enough?

Her father admits to drinking, but it is not enough for you.
The problem must be the mother.
The mother is always the problem because heaven forbid she believes her child.
When will you protect the innocent and protect the children?
When is enough, enough?


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