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Parental Alienation Syndrome or DV by Proxy?

Through my journey with Landry I have had learned several things I never intended to know about mainly: PTSD, parental alienation, domestic violence by proxy and Cluster B personality disorders and a horrible court system.  We have navigated these uncertain … Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence- The Final Act

So this will be my last piece on my former physical and sexual domestic violence.  I am still entrenched in trauma as we share Landry together and their have been multiple emotional, verbal and psychological traumas and domestic disturbances.  He … Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence- Act II

This piece is a continuation of the Breaking the Silence Blogs. He left from college and I began to see a different person.  He got on medicines for depression and I thought he was changing.  It was hard being apart, … Continue reading

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